Re: [Emerald] Crystal Reports compatibility

Mark Lipscombe ( (no email) )
Thu, 13 May 1999 09:49:55 +1000

It's actually very simple to make any version of Emerald work quite happily
with CR7.

All you need to do is copy crpaig32.dll and crpe32.dll from the System32
(WinNT) or System (Win95) directory from a machine which is running v7, then
copy those files into the corresponding system directory on the box you want
to upgrade, overwriting the existing files.

Your Emerald client should then quite happily use CR7 reports.

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From: David V. Brenner <>
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Date: Thursday, 13 May 1999 10:43
Subject: [Emerald] Crystal Reports compatibility

>Regarding Crystal Reports, are there any plans for compatibility with
>version 7 reports? The last I'd heard, only version 6 reports would work.
>David V. Brenner -
>International Services Network Corporation