Re: [Emerald] calls table. help

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 07 May 1999 14:37:05 -0700

> "(Ken)" wrote:
> Yesterday I did what I thought was a calls consolidation. It took
> about 16hours!
> What I did was use emerald 2.5.269 I went to batch, did a summary
> and select the first of the two options. and clicked on charges. Is
> that all there is to do a calls consolidation? also when i did the
> same thing today it gave me the same options which confused me.

Do you have the scheduled tasks for 2.5 installed? If not, you
must do a manual calls update before EACH consolidation, or ir
will not do anything.

Also, you might try re-running the instindx.sql scipt to make
sure all your indexes are in the database, and run a checkdb.sql
before doing the calls update. That will probably make things run
a lot faster.


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