[Emerald] Emerald/Sendmail Integration?

Patrick Briggs ( postmaster@televar.com )
Wed, 05 May 1999 14:50:06 -0700

Has anyone been succesful in integrating Emerald with Sendmail on a unix
machine? If so, I'd like as much details as possible on how this is
done. I'd prefer to use Sendmail on a unix machine over NT machine if
it can be done because of the volume we have (20,000+ mailboxes). Of
course, alternatives are welcome if there is another program that would
be more recommended either unix or NT. I've seen documentation that
shows how sendmail and Emerald can both talk to an LDAP database, but
there are many questions and steps not clear on how that is done.

Patrick Briggs
System Administrator BOSS IG.