Re: [Emerald] Why is the documentation for Emerald User Guide notupdated

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 05 May 1999 13:48:10 -0700

Blake Eitniear wrote:
> These kinds of problems make me nervous. How would I know if there are
> problems in the docs for the billing and accounting section? (Not to mention
> that I basically just paid all this money for a product with inaccurate
> docs) What will not work when I try to run it? Am I just supposed to find
> out along the way and then send off a happy e-mail to support that something
> doesn't work when I try to bill?

You took my response out of context. I didn't say that there were
areas in the documentation that were incorrect or wrong, I asked
that *IF* he did find something wrong in the docs, to please let us
know. The original question was about a picture not being up to
do in the docs. Some of the screenshots in the docs where from
versions earlier than 2.5.244, because documentation takes a while
to finish, for those who have ever been involved in a project like
this. Before the final release of Emerald, some screens where
modified to better suit usibility. This doesn't mean the docs are
wrong, just that on a few pictures, they don't match the current
version. The test around the picture is still accurate.

> I'm also disappointed that it took all of 15 minutes to answer this
> question, yet my other posted question on call tracking data has gone
> unanswered for two days (much more important, as I lose data every day). I
> suppose that you just want my extra $1000, eh? Well, I just called today and
> paid it so please respond to the question. You win.

One thing you should realize is that I am NOT a support engineer for
IEA Software (I'm in the development group). If you have a support
issue, please contact support about it. Also to note, I usually
try to answer the easy questions, then go back and address questions
that might take more resources to dig into.

> Can I expect the docs to be complete this week or next? I need to train my
> people with accurate documentation. If not, I'm expecting something taken
> off my support money I just paid... I'm feeling duped.


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