Re: [Emerald] No "Time On" or "Call History" information is available

Kurt White ( )
Mon, 03 May 1999 13:35:09 -0700

First you need to make sure you are recieving data into your calls
Lets check that out.

> Blake Eitniear wrote:
> Is this a RadiusNT config issue or an Emerald config issue or a
> problem?
> Also, if I could find answers like this somewhere (like docs, web
> site), I'd rather do that... Am I missing some big repository of
> information? I see many places in the archives where users have to run
> their own SQL scripts to do things... Is how to do this documented
> somewhere?
> Is there a 30 day guarantee on this software?
> I sent an e-mail to support but never received a reply.
> Blake

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