[Emerald] Overlimit

Duane Schaub ( dschaub@terraworld.net )
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:07:42 -0500


How does the overlimit function on Balance forward accounts?

What happens if the overlimit is blank?

What is the default action in the case of account balance being over limit?

What happens during invoicing on overlimit accounts? Do they get "past
due" or rebilled for the last amount due until they pay? This would be the
preferred method.

At 04:48 PM 4/29/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Then what controls when the customer is shut off? I've tired entering an
>amount in the over limit field but that didn't work.
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>"Robert H. Clugston" wrote:
>> When I add a new customer in emerald 2.5.263 the expire date is
>not filled
>> in by default as it use to be. I forget whether this disallows them to log
>> in or if it messes up the billing. Do you know if it causes problems?
>Its because you are using a Balance forward billing cycle. The
>expire date should be blank for a Balance Forward billig cycle.
>It will not cause and billing issues, and the Billed Thru date
>is the authoritive date on when the customer should be billed.
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