Re: [Emerald] corrupted emer_out.txt

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:35:28 -0700

Bernard Andrys wrote:
> I've been seeing a problem for several months across several versions of
> Emerald (2.5.261 - 2.5.278).
> Because of past problems with Emerald, I still hand check the emer_out.txt
> file before charging the credit cards. On two completely different PC's
> that do the BatchOut(one is a new Celeron 333/NT4, the other an old AMD
> 133/Win98) the emer_out.txt file seems to have occasional corrupted credit
> card numbers.
> I have noticed this while spot checking the credit cards. Approximately one
> in a thousand credit cards listed in the emer_out.txt file is off by one
> digit. The emerald database always shows everything to be correct. But the
> emer_out file has the credit card number listed with a digit wrong.
> Unfortunately, I have been unable to exactly repeat this bug because you can
> only Batch-Out once. Is there any way to setup a test so I can Batch-Out
> several times (without Emerald Updating the database) and find out if the
> corruption is at the same spot in the output file? I'd really like to
> isolate this bug.

In the ExternalTrans table, there is a TransType field for each
transaction. The meaning basically are:

0 - Needs to be batched out
2 - Batched out, waiting for response
3 - Response declined
4 - Response Authorized
7 - Needs to be re-batched
8 - Rebatched and voided
9 - Voided

If you change the values of TransType from 2 back to zero, Emerald
will re-batch them when you hit the batch out button (ignore the
first message). You can reset them with:

Update ExternalTrans Set TransType = 0
Where ReqDate > '4/28/99'

Please make sure you are careful and have a backup of your DB. We
can not be responsile for problems that occur from direct interaction
with the Emerald database.


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