Re: [Emerald] NTmail does not work with Emerald

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:31:28 -0700

> rdudek wrote:
> Hi there.
> Two weeks ago we installed Enerald/Radius 2.5, Serv_U and NTmail :
> everything works fine but the NTMAIL. We run SQL 7.0. By default the
> Emerald should add user Login and the Domain does not ..ANY

That is incorrect. The DLL does not allow Emerlad to add the users
to NTMail. What is does allow is for NTMail to look at the users
in Emerald in real-time and see if they exist in Emerald, if it did
not find them locally in the NTMail config. The user is not added
into NTMail. As long as the user exists in Emerald, NTMail will
act like its in NTMail (virtually). There are no provisions for
adding or managing NTMail domains via Emerald.

> Also the emer-ntm.dll, ESID, does not work for us.....

You should be using the EmerAuth.dll. It is in the /emerald/external
directory on our FTP site and comes with full documentation to setup
with NTMail.


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