Re: [Emerald] Email Invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:59:31 -0700 wrote:
> Yeah it's a shame that you spend so much money for an application, and then find out how buggy it is, and then your told you need to spend $200 more if you want your address on your invoices. Seems to me that that would automatically be on the invoice anyway. I mean how does the person receiving the email know ehere to send their payment without looking it up elsewhere. I'm sure it's great having the abillity to customize the invoices with CR, but how about still being a little flexible and putting the basics on an invoice. I guess I should have spent the money somewhere else. But what can you do once you have committed yourself and all that money?

Where the invoice goes and who sends it is handled outside the
crystal reports after CR does a test export of the report.
Emerald currently doesn't track your address and information,
so there isn't any way to include information that we don't
have on the invoice.

However, I'll look into trying to come up with a way to allow you to
configure that information w/out requiring crystal reports. Its
not that we are against it, its just that you are the first person
to bring it up as an issuse. :(


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