Re: [Emerald] Email Invoices

Jeffrey Stevison ( (no email) )
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 14:29:41 -0500

I'm not talking about printing these out, I was talking about the email
invoices. We don't print out invoice, we email them. You used to be able
to place text files in the emerald directory and it would put that text into
the email. That's what I was talking about.

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> Jeffrey Stevison wrote:
> >
> > You mean we now have to buy crystal reports to change the invoices?
> > not very good. That's poor product design in 2.5 if you can't just add
> > text into an invoice. I mean I have to spend a bunch of money just to
> > my address to the email invoice?
> The default invoice is designed to be printed on letterhead where you
> put your logo in the top or upperleft hand corner. No additional
> software is required to do that. If you want to customize the
> invoice, then you need Crystal reports.
> A poor product design is one that does NOT allow the end user to
> customize the invoice (and there are a lot of them out there).
> The cost of Crystal Reports really isn't that bad, considering
> the flexibility that it gives you.
> If you just want to add a company name to the invoice.rpt, send me
> the company information, and I'll put it on there and send a custom
> one back to you. Please keep it simple (four lines) or I can't do
> it. I can NOT modify any other part of the invoice, though.
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