Re: [Emerald] SQL Error 1105

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:56:50 -0700

Brad Teague wrote:
> Hello, I've been having problems with my EmeraldLog filling up
> lately. I went to the database the other day and hit "Truncate Log" and it
> worked. Well, today it had filled up again and I went to the Database and
> hit "Truncate Log" and it wouldn't work. My current log size was 100MB and I
> had to expand it to 200 MB just to get Emerald to start working again. No
> one was able to create a new user or anything because it couldn't write to
> the log I guess. It had obviously halted all such activity. Does anyone know
> why my log is filling up so much? and how to manage it? I've worked with IEA
> on this once and set all the standard scheduled tasks and what not, but this
> is one that they said "they" didn't feel comfortable setting a scheduled
> task to delete. From what I've read, i'm assuming it isn't suppposed to fill
> up like it is now. It seems to be doing it very quickly and that is nothing
> but bad.
> The biggest problem is that I can't seem to delete (truncate) the
> log now. Any ideas on this anyone?

Do you have:

> > No Checkpoint on Recovery
> > Truncate Log on Checkpoint

Enabled for your Emerald Database? That usually will keep the log size
down. Also, do a CheckDB on your Emerlad database, then do a recalc and
truncate. The stats on your DB Might be wrong, which is causing the log
to be shown wrong.


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