Re: [Emerald] SQL Error 1105

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 10:15:14 -0400

From: Darren Clissold <>
I am getting this erro whenever we try to add a user, also call data isn't
being kept.
Can't allocate space for object 'syslogs' in database 'emerald' because the
'log-segment' segment is full.
If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise use
ALTER DATABASE or sp_extend_segment to increase the size of the segment.

Go into SQL Enterprise Manager.
Double-click on the Emerald database.
Click on the Options tab and check the following:
Select Into / Bulk Copy
No Checkpoint on Recovery
Truncate Log on Checkpoint
Click on the Database tab in the same window.
Click on Truncate.

After this is done, you should create a second "device" called "EmeraldLogs"
or something along those lines. If you have a decent amount of drive space
that you can use, allocate at least 35MB. I don't do call consolidations,
so if you do that, you may need more space.
Right-click on Database Devices and choose New.

After the new device has been created:
Double-click on the Emerald Database.
Click on Expand.
Data Device: (none)
Log Device: EmeraldLogs (or whatever you named it)
Size: (whatever it defaults to--it should display the size of
device you just created)
Click on Expand Now

Periodically, double-click on the Emerald database in SQL Enterprise Manager
and see what kind of space you have available for the data and the logs.
Your "Log Space Available" will normally be nearly the amount allocated, so
it'll appear as if it's not even being used much.

Josh Hillman