Re: [Emerald] TS Graph asks license

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 10:42:53 -0700

"S.Tumurbaatar" wrote:
> When I'm logging on locally (on same machine)
> to Emerald by Emerald client, TSGraphs works
> without problem. But if I try to do it from remote computer
> (LAN) , client app raises run time error 429 (?) and shows
> some message about licensing. I use same sql login for both
> computers. This is my first question. Second is that I cannot
> remove operator entry, even when I logged on as 'sa'. Removing
> raised some error and left operator account visible, next
> delete operations always fails saying 'record doesnt exist'.
> The default 'admin' operator created by Emerald is unremovable
> too.

The issue is with the run-time license for the graph control.
The run-time license gets installed when you install Emerald.
If you do a re-install from the full distribution, it should
correct the problem.

Does the machine have any development tools installed on it?


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