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Tue, 20 Apr 1999 18:31:02 -0700

I am still using the same old everything and this just came out of the blue.

Ken Sorenson wrote:

> I too am experiencing this problem. In addition to this I have noticed that
> Radius settings somehow revert from framed-user to login-user anytime I
> change a personal Radius setting. It used to work fine.. Not sure what might
> have happened..
> KS
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> In the Master record under services. I change someones service from
> "this" to "that". I then hit the save button and when I recall their
> account later on in the day it shows it changed in the service tab but
> not up on the Login description line. Why?
> Also we are experiencing a different problem. Sometimes for no apparent
> reason, when you hit the edit key in Services it brings up my account
> instead of whomevers Master account you are in. My account was the
> first one ever put in the system so I know this has something to do with
> it. But still this should not happen.