Re: [Emerald] calls on line & Call ID

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:36:26 -0700

David Moore wrote:
> The Calls table CallerID is being populated with data but it doesn't seem to
> flow through to the serverports table can you tell me what the link is so I
> can repair it. All other data is working for my calls on line except Phone
> number.

Look at your calls_update trigger on your calls table. The first update
should be:

Set sp.Username = i.Username,
sp.AcctStatusType = i.AcctStatusType,
sp.CallDate = DateAdd(Second, 0-i.AcctDelayTime, i.CallDate),
sp.FramedAddress = i.FramedAddress,
sp.CallerID = i.CallerID,
sp.ConnectInfo = i.ConnectInfo,
sp.AcctSessionID = i.AcctSessionID
FROM Servers s, ServerPorts sp, inserted i
WHERE s.IPAddress = i.NASIdentifier AND
s.ServerID = sp.ServerID AND
sp.Port = i.NASPort AND
(DateAdd(Second, 0-i.AcctDelayTime, i.CallDate) >= sp.CallDate OR
sp.CallDate IS NULL)


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