RE: [Emerald] NEW Old Invoices ????

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 12:28:45 -0500


The other invoice that is showing up still has an OUTSTANDING BALANCE...
probable due to the rounding error that is present in the current release.

The problem is, when rounding the taxes and invoice total, Dale was rounding
to 4 decimal places... in my case, that meant that I had an invoice that was
21.2966 instead of 21.30.... so that left an overpayment of .0034...
eventually that equals 1 cent which you would then see in the "balance"
field of their account... but the balance field only shows 2 decimal
places..... so until it reaches 1 cent..

AFAIK Dale has fixed the rounding on the release he is now working on....
What I have been doing is after each run of invoices, and prior to payments
being posted, I run a script that looks for the differences and changes

But in any event, do not void the invoice, as it probably already has a
payment posted to it.....

I am not sure what version Dale implemented "Show Last Only", but to avoid
seeing the other invoices, check "Show Unpaid Only" AND "Show Last Only"....

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> Running invoices today something strange happened.
> Invoices ran fine. But I noticed that some old(paid) invoices showed up
> in the unpaid invoice list.
> Happened with 2 accounts that I have found.
> When I pay or void the OLD invoice the NEW invoice is closed and paid.
> I remember that Dale said something about all invoices are marked as paid,
> is this the case?
> I also notices that all the OLD invoice had a time of 0:00 where the NEW
> had the proper time.
> How do I get rid of the old, or can I?
> Should I just leave them there and waite till the NEW invoice is paid?
> If this is the case then I it is very hard to tell who is paid and what
> invoice is outstanding.