[Emerald] Concurrency Problems

Gary Walworth ( (no email) )
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 10:19:39 -0400

I have had to turn off concurrency control in Radius.

I have noticed that the CallsOnline table does not always show all of the
users who are actually online, and even shows some who already logged off!
Of course, when those users try to connect again, they are refused because
Radius thinks they're already online.

I would rather monitor users who are logged in twice than to listen to
customers complaining of denied access.

When I watch radius in -x15 mode, it screams something of a Primary Key
Constraint violation in the Calls table. The Calls table is very large,
mainly because I haven't figured out a way to reduce its size without
hampering user access.

I have thought about putting text-based authentication on one server and
SQL-based accounting on another. Would this help? If so, what is the proper
way to do this?

I am using 2 Total Control Enterprise Hubs with a total of 8 HiperDSP cards.

Our radius server is dual P2-333 NT4 SP3 128MB SQL6.5 (it also is the NTP
RadiusNT Code = 2.5.124
HiperDSP Code = 1.2.43
HiperARC Code = 4.1.59
NMC Code = 5.5.5

Gary Walworth
BeachLink Internet Services