RE: [Emerald] CC users switch to renewal

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 20:34:03 -0400

You will need to run this after every batch out:

Update MasterAccounts
Set PayMethod = "Credit Card"
Where CreditCardAutoBill = 1
AND Datalength(CreditCardNumber) >= 13
AND PayPeriod = "Monthly"

If you don't run the above query your accounts will get really screwed up
and you will also need to run this query:

UPDATE iv SET Type = 'Credit Card'
FROM Invoices iv, MasterAccounts ma
AND iv.CustomerID = ma.CustomerID
AND ma.PayMethod = 'Credit Card'
AND iv.Type = 'Renewal'

You also have to look out for accounts whose credit cards declined during a
previous batch out. Emerald will keep adding a monthly charge to a customer
whose credit card declined EVERY time you batch out. So you have to read
through your credit card batch-out file to catch these overbillings.

Yeah its stupid that you have to do all this, but we've all had to put up
with Emerald until a fully working version comes out.
(I've been waiting for 2 months now. For the past month I have considered
calling IEA for a refund so I can switch to a billing program that works.)

(10,500 user license)

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> We are using 2.5.263 and our CC users are randomly being switched
> back to renewal.
> What version will fix this problem, not create others, and where
> can I get it? It seems that they have all been pulled from the web site.