Re: [Emerald] Routing

Don Barron ( (no email) )
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 04:25:21 +0930

>Don Barron wrote:
>> >I assume you are trying to add a dedicated route to your radius. I Use
>> >following in addition to the standard attributes.
>> >
>> >FRAMED-ROUTE [framed address] [metric]
>> Thanks for that.
>> >
>> >You may want to add FRAMED-ROUTING as well
>> >
>> Should it be broadcast and listening
>I would recommend none. YOu proboably don't need Framed-Routing.

WooHoo, its all working now. Thanks to everyone that offered help.
I set the routing to both, but looked at our merit radius and seen for the
same job
you set it to none. I might change that part back to none on emerald as


Don Barron


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