[Emerald] Second post

Don Barron ( (no email) )
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 17:14:23 +0930

I'll post this again because I really need some help here.

I have followed the instructions below but when I try to check mail it does
not authenticate me. Is there something else I need to do

To configure NTMail to use the emerauth.dll authentication DLL, you need to
add the following registry value:


as type REG_SZ. You should copy the emerauth.dll file to your NTMail base
directory and have the contents of the above key be "emerauth.dll".

Here is the information from the NTMail Reference Manual about this value:

This defines the location and name of a security DLL. NTMail will use the
specified DLL to validate unknown users. NTMail will search (in the order
given) the following directories for the security DLL

1. BASEDIR\<UserDLLLocation>
2. %WINNT%\SYSTEM32\<UserDLLLocation>
3. <UserDLLLocation>

Additionally, there is a registry setting specific to the NTMail API that
you need to set:


This is the External System ID the user's service must belong to in order
for the user to be considered a NTMail user. You can find out this number
in the Emerald Aministrator when you configure the External System. See
below for more details.


Any suggestions would be greatfully accepted.

Don Barron
World-Link Internet

Email: don@world-link.com.au
Web: http://www.world-link.com.au

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