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Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 17:14:08 -0600

Invoice Next Term is broke on everything past 2.5.227.... 227 works fine.

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> We upgraded to 2.5.261 about 2 weeks ago. All of our billing is renewal
> billing. I found out through the list that 'Invoice Next Term' will only
> work with balance forward billing in this version. In order for
> my customer
> service reps to create invoices for new customers during the week, I leave
> the billing cycle set to 'balance forward', then on the day I
> bill, I change
> the cycle to 'renewal' before batch billing.
> This is not working. First, the new customers are getting setup with the
> expire date blank. Second, I cannot tell what billing is doing but it is
> not renewal billing. I am NOT using 'autobatch'. I select renewal and
> input the expiredate through which I want to select accounts for
> billing. I
> am also set up for 'incremental' batch, which previously, selected all
> accounts with expiredates from the beginning of the month
> selected up to the
> current date entered.
> I can make no rhyme or reason what I am actually getting but I
> have a mess.
> Will there be another release soon to fix the 'Invoice Next Term' problem
> with renewal billing? Are expire dates supposed to be blank with 'balance
> forward' invoicing? Does incremental batch still work? Please
> let me know
> what the current status of renewal billing is.
> Thank you.
> Kathy Tate
> OnlineMac
> McMinnville, OR
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