Re: [Emerald] Serv_u dll problem

Ralph Pitcher ( (no email) )
Sun, 9 May 1999 10:16:44 -0400

I have same problem hopefully someone will reply.


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From: DAN TANG <>
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Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 7:25 AM
Subject: [Emerald] Serv_u dll problem

>I am trying to use Serv_U(RadiusNT 2.5, Emerald 2.1, Serv_u 2.4a ), but
>problem to start it, whenever it starts I got following error:
>Serv-U FTP-Server v2.4a - Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Cat Soft, All Rights
>Reserved - by Rob Beckers
>Cat Soft is an affiliate of Deerfield.Com
>Using WinSock 2.0 - max. 32767 sockets
>Logging messages to screen only
>[1] Mon 29Mar99 18:52:20 - Starting FTP Server... (Version 2.4a (32-bit))
>FTP Server on-line: IP-number(s),,,
>,, port number 21
>PROBLEM: Cannot find/load DLL d:\ServU\emer_su.dll (can also happen if the
>DLL uses other DLLs which are not available)
>Using registered version (Registration key passed)
>Below is the Serv-u.ini settings, the file is in right directory, I could
>find it by DIR Emer_su.dll /S in DOS prompt:
>Following is procedure in Emerald, I created a HomeDir because there is
>in Emerald:
>Create Procedure VerifyFTPUser
>@username varchar(32)
>SELECT Login,shell,Password,HomeDir, LoginLimit * 5000 as HomeDirLimit
>FROM MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa
>WHERE ma.CustomerID=sa.CustomerID
>AND Login=@username
>AND sa.Active<>0
>AND ma.Active<>0
>AND DateAdd(dd,ma.Extension+ma.OverDue,maExpireDate)>=GetDate()
>I have setup an ODBC DSN name as Emerald. The Emerald SQL Server is in
>MIXED security mode. The DSN connect to Emerald SQL server O.K.
>Please help
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For more information about this list, including removal,
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