Re: [Emerald] Advise required

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 16:51:38 -0800

> Gary Wilkinson wrote:
> Dale,
> We have just purchase Emerald and want it to marry better into a
> business activity. We are a new ISP which charge mainly on data usage
> not hours.
> ie:
> Plan 1: unlimited hours x cents per meg (Min $10.00)
> Plan 2: unlimited hours $x per x megs
> and
> Block 1: 25 hours or x megs which ever comes first for $x
> In addition to this we also bill lan connectivity in which we are
> using another package to measure data usage over lan and wan.
> What I would like to do is consolidate all these into Emerald somehow.
> My question is, are you looking at this type of billing or should we
> do our own thing.
> If we are to do our own thing could you give us the best direction in
> which to proceed.

RADIUS traffic usage billing is already in the works, although I
don't have a time frame for it. Part of the work is creating a
more generic ability to bill any type of usage, whether RADIUS
traffic, LAN traffic, web traffic, FTP traffic, etc. Collectors
will be able to put data into the Emerald database, and you can
define the rules in Emerald on how to bill for it.

What lan connectivity package are you using to measure the data
and what type of output does it have?


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