[Emerald] Emerald billing problems

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Mar 1999 17:24:13 -0500

Have there been any updates that fix Emerald 2.5.261's severe billing

I called tech support last week and they said to ONLY use what's on the site
for download unless specifically told to get the beta.

However the standard emerald that is on ftp.emerald.com is 2.5.261.

2.5.261 Autobill doesn't seem to work right. There is a LARGE percentage of
customers that aren't getting batched out and I haven't figured out why. (I
got some of those non-billed accounts fixed last week by getting a script
from Sheryl to fix the invoices that 2.5.261 messes up. But there are still
alot missing.)

Everything worked great last month so it has to be 2.5.261 but there is no
older version to go back to on Emerald's ftp site.

Additionally 2.5.261 continues to overbill accounts whose credit cards
didn't go through. I'm spending entire days cleaning up after Emerald
after each attempt at batch-out.

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