Re: [Emerald] Em/UX Utility

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 18:57:08 -0800

"Robert H. Clugston" wrote:
> David,
> In the last Emerald/UX package that I played with Emerald parsed a file to
> a Unix box Via SMB networking. This file contained simple commands followed
> by variables. The commands where like ADD, DEL, PASSWD, and EXTEND. A C
> program when then parse the file and pass the commands off to scripts
> (scripts where called ADD, DEL, PASSWD, and EXTEND or something like that.)
> The scripts that came with this package where only skeletons.
> I've been holding on writing these scripts because I wanted to see if
> someone would come up with a better more secure way of doing this. I would
> like to know what is the correct way to parse users to a Unix box from
> Emerald so maybe I could start developing my own code.

I wrote a DB client for linux that connectis to the Emerald database
over an OpenLink DB connection and then changes the passwd/shadow file
as appropriate. The program is cronned on the linux side to run
every 15 mins, and triggers on the Emerald database add records to
a table that the linux client reads. Its not turn key solution, but
is working good for the client.

If you have Openlink installed on a linux box and it can talk to your
Emerald database, it would not be that tough to setup. If you are
interested in trying this, please make sure you have the Openlink
working, or it will be a waste of your time. :(


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