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Duane Schaub ( )
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 16:07:39 -0600

We were able to get the latest emerauth running, (File size of 91648) but
found some interesting problems. If the user is overlimit, all writes to
the ftp directory result in the file being truncated at 0 bytes. This is
terrible as existing files are erased. This will continue to happen during
the entire transfer even if the directory size drops below the max.

Second - Where does the dll store the current dir size. I upped the limit
on several user accounts, but had to restart serv-u to get the dll to
re-read the limit. This sounds like a caching problem.

After running for a day or so, we had a number of people say that when they
logged in, they were dumped into the root dir and had write access. We
have never had a problem with this on the old dll.

I like the dir limit, but the emerald client does not hava a field to
adjust this, so it must be done via sql.


At 10:57 AM 3/25/99 -0500, you wrote:
>From: Jody Mason <>
>>Having a problem trying to get Serv-U up and running with Emerald. The
>>issue seems to be with the emer_su.dll file. Whenever we try and
>>start-up Serv-U, we receive an error mesage saying that the file
>>emer_su.dll cannot be found/loaded. We are using the updated
>>emer_su.dll file found on IEA's webpage download directory (I believe
>>the date was 5/17/97), and we are pointing to it from the serv-u.ini
>>From reading from the archive with this mailing list, I found a
>>reference pointing to a emer_su.dll dated in December of 1997, but do
>>not see it on the webpage. I'm not seeing any references to having to
>>make any registry changes, so if there are any further changes that need
>>to be done on my end that I'm missing, I appologize. Any help would be
>>appreciated. Thanks.
>>BTW, running Emerald 2.5.227 with Serv-U 2.4a emer_su.dll is 45.5
>The message below is a response from Dale to me on 1/11/99 about the same
>thing you're running into. The newest emer_su.dll file that I know of is
>version (71k) and is at
> This is the
>one that we've been using for ages.
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>From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
>To: <>
>Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 6:26 PM
>Subject: Re: [Emerald] emerauth.dll or emer_su.dll with Emerald 2.5
>Josh Hillman wrote:
>> On a workstation at the office, I've transferred the Emerald database and
>> run the update for 2.5 on it successfully, etc. Emerald essentially runs
>> fine and I can view/print invoices from this machine (Emerald ODBC DSN was
>> set up). This morning, I installed Serv-U FTP server onto it, basically
>> making it identical to the actual main server. When I start up Serv-U, I
>> get the following message every time (in its display):
>> PROBLEM: Cannot find/load DLL c:\progra~1\emerald\emerauth.dll
>> (can also happen if the DLL uses other DLLs which are not available)
>There is still a known issue with Emerauth and Serv-U. Just
>use emer_su until we release an update of EmerAuth that works with
>> I've also tried it using the emer_su.dll file that we're presently using
>> ( on the main server and the same thing happens. I put the two
>> files in the Serv-U directory and changed the .ini file accordingly, but
>> that had no effect.
>Remeber that EmerAuth and Emer_su do NOT use the same resitry config.
>EmerAuth has its own, whereas Emer_su uses the RadiusNT registry
>(plus one additional one). YOu can define a "logfile" entry for both
>though that will tell you the exact steps or how far the DLL loaded
>before it encountered and error.
>> I remember hearing that there were some issues with emerauth.dll with
>> versions of Emerald. Do they still apply to 2.5?
>Yes. Unfortunately EmerAuth hasn't been updated since then. Now that
>Emerald 2.5 is out, It will be put up on the top of the list.

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