Re: [Emerald] How do I fix SQL data from Emerald's screw ups

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:11:47 -0800

Bernard Andrys wrote:
> Emerald client: 2.5.261
> Emerald hasn't been billing monthly credit card's for the past several
> weeks. I think I figured out what it messed up.
> In Febrary, Emerald 2.5.261 went through and changed Credit Card accounts to
> Renewal Accounts. (No one had posted about this bug yet so I didn't know to
> run the query to fix the accounts after batching out each day.)
> As the month went on, it started re-invoicing these Accounts (now marked as
> Renewal) as Invoice Type "Renewal".
> I now have thousands of accounts that have a "renewal" invoice posted on
> their account. Emerald will not batch out these accounts because it thinks
> the invoice is already posted.
> How do I fix these Accounts? Do I do a update query to Void these
> Invoices? ...or can I Do an update query to change all the InvoiceType
> Renewal to InvoiceType CreditCard.
> How do I clean up after 2.5.261 so that I can start running credit cards
> again?

If you know what invoices they are, you can change the type to Credit
Card and then Emerald will batch it out (assuming the customer is
configured for Credit Card). I have a query that will change
customers to paymethod of Credit Card based on whether they have
Credit Card information and if their CC Auto Bill is set to 1.


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