Re: [Emerald] Serious Issue

Ben Conner ( )
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 21:03:05 -0800

At 10:54 PM 3/24/99 -0600, you wrote:
>On Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:41:46 -0800, you wrote:
>Server setup as follows under configure
>memory 131072
>tempdb in ram 56
Is the sql server the only thing running on that machine? If it is, I'd bump
up both values at least double. Given the # of records you have to plough
through, it would take a while. There are also a set of performance monitoring
indicators already defined in the SQL Server folder that might be useful. Not
to me, but someone... :)

>>>It seemed to have messed something up after the emerald client was
>>>killed...we cannot email invoices out returns an error.
>>Did you run a check on the db from ISQL/W?
>Didn't run checkdb I think that locks the DB and doesn't allow people
>to authenticate and I know it takes quite sometime.
What's the error it comes back with?

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