[Emerald] Lost packets problems

Geoffrey L. Scully ( (no email) )
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 09:34:46 -0800

I have three POP's. Two remote POP's with the modems and one here with
the Emerald server. I am open to any suggestions other than moving the
modems to fix this problem.

Users log on during the busy hous in the evening and then when they log
off Emerald is not getting the accounting packets. By the next morning
we are being swamped with calls from people who are showing Over logon
limit because their stop packet is not getting to Emerald or Emerald is
not seeing them for some reason. I have a T-1 between this main office
and both the POP's with the modems. Just Mail, DNS and Emerald are
traveling over those TSpans. Internet traffic goes on another Span. My
first reaction is to put the Emerald server at the bigger of the two
POP's and then replicate to the Others. Any ideas or suggestions?

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