[Emerald] call consolidation w/out time banking

Brad Teague ( Teague@NetworksPlus.com )
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:09:19 -0600

Hello, I have several things actually.

1. I would like the call history for my users. To get this information, I
noticed you have to run the "Pre-Inovoice" Summary (call consolidation). We
are not using Time Banking here and I wasn't sure if running the Call
Consolidation would mess any thing up. I am getting ready to run our first
batch of invoices today and I didn't want anything to go wrong with them.
Will running Call Consolidation cause any problems. I read this list every
day.. and I've seen many people talking about Call Consolidation, So I
thought I would ask before venturing on.

2. We just started using call information yesterday so the above won't run
very long even if I have to run it for the first time. That brings me to
point 2. How often should I run it and then what measures should I take to
keep my DB in shape and not let it get too large. I saw some good messages
in the list yesterday about this. It was from "Josh Hillman" and it seemed
to be very informative and exactly what I will also be needing to do. I just
wanted to know if anyone else had some good ideas about it too and could

3. This one isn't much of a question, but I have noticed people talking
about the fact that "Invoice Next Term" doesn't work with 2.5.263. Well,
unless I'm completely stupid, I have been using 2.5.263 for weeks now and
have used "Invoice Next Term" several times to create invoices for a few
people here and there while in the process of getting our billing
information into the Emerald and before the big invoice run today. Is there
something I'm missing here?

4. We are using ICVerify. Am I understanding everyone that 2.5.263
definately does NOT do CC batch? I don't have many of these entered in
Emerald yet anyway, and we are still doing them the old way, but this is
just my test run of users. I will be importing several thousand users very
shortly though with I know at least of more than a 1000 that use CC monthly
billing. What do I need to do about this? Switch my .exe's back and forth to
run CC batches? This seems a bit ludicrous to me. Is there not a better way?
If not, then when will we have a solid Emerald.exe that does everything?

Brad Teague
Network Administrator
Networks Plus

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