[Emerald] Device already exists.

Zak Wolfinger ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:02:06 -0500

Our SQL server got rebooted during the creation of the Emerald db (don't
ask). Now there is no Emerald DB but when I try to create one, it says that
the emeraldev and emeraldlog devices already exist. I checked in SQL Exec
Mgr and was not able to locate the devices (again the Emerald database does
not exist) and the C:\MSSQL7\data\EmerDev and C:\MSSQL7\data\EmerLog files
do not exist. How do I fix it so that the database creation program doesn't
think that the devices already exist?

Thank you,
Zak Wolfinger - Network Administrator
Internet Services Management Group
zak@ismg.net - (888) 922-3462 Ext. 106

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