[Emerald] Database Size

Alexander Blauvelt ( online@olg.com )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 09:41:37 -0500

Our emerald database has grown to an incredible size, and 90% of it is
in the calls table. It now has over a million calls logged in the
table. I try to use the emerald administrator to 'Trim' all the calls,
but whenever I do this, the database only grows more and I have to
expand the size of it and then the calls never get cleaned off. How can
I get rid of these calls in the calls table? Can I simply drop the
table and then run the Update Database script to recreate it?

And here's stupid question #34 from me, but how do I do a
'consolidation' that everyone talks about? I assumed we wouldn't need
this because we don't do any type of time banking here. Where is the
command to do it ? The emerald admin has Update Calls, Update Database
and Check Database as the options to run in the database maintainence

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