Re: [Emerald] what is the proper way to handle "first month free" accounts?

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 16:47:45 -0500

From: Bernard Andrys <>
>Does anyone know the proper way to handle "first month free" accounts?
>If someone signed up today (3/16/99) and their 1st month is free, what
>should the Billing fields be set to?

If this is what you want for all new customers just go into the Emerald
Admin / Client Config and set the "Default Expire" to 30 days instead of 14
or whatever might be in there at the moment. If what your wanting to do is
only for a few customers, change the expiration date and whatever other
dates are needed to a month from now. Assuming you have some kind of
built-in free period (that number I mentioned before), some dates will show
2 weeks past today's date (using 14 days as an example, like we have it set
to). Whatever dates are 2 weeks past today's date, change to a month from

So, if you create a new account today, and your Default Expire is set to 14,
the expiration date of the account will be 3/31/99 eventhough today's date
is 3/17/99. So, change any 3/31/99 dates to 4/17/99. I'd say leave any
3/17/99 dates alone.


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