[Emerald] WHERE ARE YOU ????

Nada ( nadas@inco.com.lb )
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 00:38:20 +0200


It seems that we lost contact, REMEBER US ???? It is my xxx mail and I
did not get any answer yet nor did my colleague Dany. What is happening
I still can not reach you by phone and my mails seem to be left
unread??? In case the problem needs more time to be solved AT LEAST tell
us that you will look into the matter.

Once again, I am asking about the error that occured in the new version?

Should you change anythning in the consolidation stored procedure in
order to get it work??
The error I am getting is : 5:invalid procedure call or argument.

I am not getting this error while using 2.5.263 emerald version.

Is there any phone line I can call you on ??? I always get the answering
machine and I am not sure if the messages are delivered.

IncoNet sal.

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