RE: [Emerald] Mailsite.

Todd Hutchinson ( )
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 15:58:29 -0800

Dale "You can get it to work by changing the VerifyMailUser stored
as mentioned in the earlier thread about this. "

Which one are you talking about? Here is a clip from one that you
mentioned before but I don't think it fixes the problem (Look Below). If
we put in something under Email then that is the e-mail
we want them to have, we want them to login to the mail server ****** with the user name "joe" (Not and
user password. If we leave the Email blank then it should do what it is
already doing ( We also what to be
able to have multiple joe's example,, Is this what this procedure does if
we remove the line you mention? And a side point why didn't Rockliffe fix
this in their new version 3.2, I know they have heard plenty of requests
for it, and better yet does anyone know why they said they did when it
appears that the procedure still needs to be changed?

-Todd Hutchinson

Quote from Earlier Discussion

There was a discussion in the past about this, and it has to do with
how Mailsite interprets things. The old proc would do what you want,
but Mailsite wasn't handling checking the domain correctly. Let me
show the new proc first:
CREATE PROCEDURE VerifyMailUser @username varchar(32), @domain
varchar(32), @esid integer AS
Select Login, Shell, Email, d.MailDomain, Password, HomeDir