Re: [Emerald] Feature Request:replication

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 22:11:24 -0800 wrote:
> If we have multiple Emerald running on different location and replicate from
> central location, there would be problem on calls on line table.

Yes. The replicated servers are one-way read-only and that causes
a problem with Calls online.

> Is it easier to seperate the calls on line to seperate database, so we can
> freely replicate all other tables from central Emerald(of coure not
> accounting).

Yes. We actually recommend to most of our larger customers to create
a second database (like Emerald_Calls) and then put the Calls table in
that and create a view in the Emerald Database to the Emerald_Calls
database for the Calls table. This isn't really required though, since
you can choose your subscription set when replicating.

> Also for accounting, if we could add extra field(BranchID) in calls table,
> so we could replicate from the branch to central location, and consolidate
> the accounting at central location(SQL 6.5 support this function). Will it
> solve the problem? We could always schedule the replication at low network
> usage time.

Your best bet would be not to use replication, but to use Scheduled
tasks to mode the data. I have done this for some customers, although
is involved. You basically can setup scheduled tasks to move the data
regular intervals from one server to another.


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