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Tue, 9 Mar 1999 12:48:07 -0600

it looks ok when i double click on the invoice could it be a problem with
the invoice rpt.

also is there someplace i can get crystal reports as a free download. i
have an earlier version that worked with emerald 2.1 but wont with 2.5.
could i use the old report from emerald 2.1? we dont want to use any
balance forwarding.

Kenneth Jaeger
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From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
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Date: Tuesday, March 09, 1999 11:46 AM
Subject: Re: [Emerald] printed invoices

>> "(Ken)" wrote:
>> For some reson any invoice created by emerald 2.5.161 the line item
>> shows up wrong what i get is this
>> description amount quantity tax total
>> ppp dialup 14.95 3 2.51 52.38
>> amount due: 47.36
>> all numbers are correct except the total value...
>> any ideas??
>How are you looking at the data? There was an earlier invoice that
>has the wrong formula in it, which sounds like what you are seeing
>here. If you look at the invoice details in Emerald, does it show
>the above as well (IOW, not through Crystal)?
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
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