[Emerald] expired user who shouldn't be

Ben Conner ( ben@webworldinc.com )
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 22:16:44 -0800


I have an odd situation that came up yesterday. I did a kludge workaround but it isn't the best.

A user who I haven't billed yet apparently ran over the expiration and her account did in fact expire. I put in a temp extension but it had no effect. I put in a bigger one (40 days) but she still couldn't log on. So I invoiced her account. That still had no effect.

We are running in balance forward mode. Her current balance is $65 and her overlimit is $65. Radius debugging continues to report she is expired.

We are running vsn 2.5.263.

The kludge? I created a service under my own mbr for her so she could log in. It hadn't expired. :)

Any suggestions welcomed!

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