Re: [Emerald] ICVerify without AVS

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 21:15:14 -0800

Stephen Woodfin wrote:
> Dale (or whoever),
> I was wondering if anyone had the exact format and type of file, that the output file from ICverify needs to be. In the Emerald Adminstration Manual the format that it says there does not seem to be correct. Maybe somewhere in one of the changes.txt files a correction was listed but I did not see this.

When IC Verify processes the Emerlad transaction file, it writes
out a file with two lines per transaction. The first line is the
exact same line as Emerald wrote out, and were Emerald gets the
Transaction ID from. It then reads in the second line which is the
results of transaction. Although the second line must include atleast
six fields, Emerald only uses the first four (the fifth and sixth
can be anything).

The format that Emerald expects is the manual batch format that
IC Verify originally defaults to. Although I do not have IC Verify,
I did get to see a little bit of it last month. IC Verify's
auto-process batch format (the one where you tell it to watch the
directory and automatically process the file) is NOT that same
as the manual batch format (go figure) and will not work with Emerald.