Re: [Emerald] SQL Billing statement

Joe Marcelletti ( )
Wed, 03 Mar 1999 17:27:05 -0500

update masteraccounts set maexpiredate='5/1/99' where maexpiredate =

update masteraccounts set maexpiredate='4/1/98' where maexpiredate =

Put this in ISQL/W under the Emerald database.


-Joe Marcelletti

At 02:18 PM 3/3/1999 -0800, you wrote:
> We need to change our billed through and paid through customer
> dates from
>the 15th to the 1st. I was wondering if there is some sql statement I could
>run that could replace the 15th on these two fields the the 1st. Ex.
>everyone with 5/15/99 or 4/15/98 etc changed to 5/1/99 and 4/1/98. Is this
>Thanks for the help.
>Jason Powell
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