[Emerald] Ready to go Live with billing

Franco Nogarin ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 10:43:21 -0700

Hi, I have been using emerald forever, I have however never used its billing
features as they were always buggy or had been difficult to understand. We
are ready to switch from our current solution of using QuickBooks for
billing to using emerald 2.5.229.

Before we embark on this project though, I would like to know the thoughts
of others who are now billing live with emerald and from IEA about whether I
should attempt this now or wait a bit for more bug extermination. Our intent
is to move to subscription, pay before you use sort of a scenario. we
currently bill after usage.

Thanks for all info in advance

Franco Nogarin
IT Manager
The Aurora Network /
Cascade Publishing Ltd.

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