Re: [Emerald] adding VSA to Calls table

Ben Conner ( )
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 10:59:09 -0800

At 10:29 AM 3/1/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Ben Conner wrote:
>> What are the proper steps to add a VSA to the Calls table? I'd like to
>add LE-Terminate-Detail which RadiusNT shows but isn't in the table now.
>If you are receiving the attribute as a name (not as an unknown
>attribute) just add a column to the Calls table with the Name of
>the Attribute (without the dashes) and restart RadiusNT. You must
>make sure you get the type correct between the dictionary (RadAttributes
>table) and the actualy type of the column (int=int, string/IPaddree=

Thanks! I'd forgotten to remove the dashes...

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