RE: [Emerald] Re: Caller-ID Limiter: Need new feature

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 07:31:10 -0500

> > This feature will allow our clients to have the added security
> that nobody
> > else can use their account.
> >
> > Anyone interested with this feature? If so, make some noise! :)
> Most clients only call from one place. Trying to maintain a list of
> phones they could call from would be a pain.

Actually it would be extremely easy... just structure it like the DNIS
Groups. What we wanted to do is offer a web page where the client can
automatically enter the phone numbers into the system therefore they can
add/remove the phone numbers allowed onto the system. If the client is
currently at another location but the phone number is not programmed, we
would ask the client to connect to the Trial account to aquire the Phone
Number from a web query and the client could edit his account through the
trial account.

Reason for this is Most clients DO NOT use 1 phone line for accessing the
Internet. They use between 2-4 phone numbers. 1 at home, 1 or 2 at work,
mobile clients, etc...

WE just want to offer the client the most security possible vs hacked/Given
out accounts. With the CID Table, this can offer that security. I can
understand that now may not be the time to ask for it, but can you please
consider it for future releases of Emerald/RadiusNT?


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