[Emerald] 261 Mapp no longer works correctly

Leah Bilan ( Leah@TDI.NET )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 22:59:32 -0500

We're testing 261 and we batched out 1 credit card into Mapp and we got
approval and it wrote the approval to the auth file. We hit batchin and
instead of marking him paid (like 227 would) it put him in the bad credit
card transactions list with a empty/blank response (normally if it's bad it
will say DECLINE or HOLD-CALL).

It also automatically DELETED!!!! the auth file so we couldn't go back into
MAPP to send out the for final approval. 227 would ASK you if you wanted to
delete the file, 261 didn't. It is vital that the file stay there so we can
send the cards the second time for final approval!!!

So, to sum up, we lost our auth file and it never marked the guy paid so
basically nothing ran right and everything is messed up.


Leah Bilan
TDI Internet

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