RE: [Emerald] Online Calls and HyperARC TC.

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 15:31:54 -0500

What happens is that the database drops the old primary key and starts
recreating it. While during recreation, SQL 6.5 does not look at the WHOLE
Row of the Primary Key but actually looks only at the order. So what occurs
is it finds a duplicate key, Abort creating primary key because duplicate
key was found.

What I had to do is run 5 Database transfers.
1: To temp store it.
2: as a backup
3: after temp transfer, cleared the calls table completely and created my
primary keys while calls table is empty. After the keys were done with, I
only did a DATA transfer of the Calls table from Emerald into the backup.
4: Reran the transfer of the temp to the backup.
5: Erased the Master Emerald database, then basically transferred the whole
thing from the temp one. But had the saexpiredate problem..
6: ran an SQL Query to replace all saexpiredates with the customerID's
7: Back up and running.

All this took about 24 hours since I could not really play with my database
during peak hours... Now the Primary keys are all of the above + username.
It works beautifully. Already at 5000 account records added since the
upgrade and not one duplicated, yet.

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> Rudy Komsic wrote:
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> > Dale, After doing it, I lost the Primary Key for the calls
> table and can not
> > recreate it. Looks like I might need to wipe out the whole
> calls table and
> > then do it. :(
> Why can't you re-create it? What error is it giving you? Send me
> the connection information and I'll connect and take a look at it.
> > Any advice on getting this repaired? It also lost the pk_calls.
> Thats the primary key.
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