[Emerald] Y2K Bug with Emerald Database and SQL Server when recreating database

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 07:58:10 -0500

Hi Dale,

I just wanted to report a Y2K bug that I found with SQL 6.5 and the
subaccounts saexpiredate. What I had to do after the failed Primary key
changes was to create a whole new Emerald database, transfer all into it,
then drop the calls table and recreate the calls table with the 5 primary
keys (added username as primary key). Then I imported only the data from
the calls table and after that, I deleted my Emerald database and then
recreated it on a faster drive. Then I transferred it back but after
transferring it, all the subaccount's saexpiredate got converted to 'Jan 1
1900' for some odd reason :(

The way I created the backup database was to generate SQL Script of the
whole database. could it be possible that Jan 1 1900 was the default of the

I finally realized what happened and finally got it fixed.

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