Re: [Emerald] 2.5.261 Voiding Invoice an Billed Thru

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:52:58 -0800

"Ronnie D. Franklin" wrote:
> Ok.. here is the 2.5.261 sernario...
> Created a new account.
> Created Invoice.. Had to use Batch.. Invoice Next Term said no new invoices
> X'ed out of MBR
> Brought MBR up
> Billed Thru was set for 3/19/99
> History, double clicked Invoice, Changed to Void, Saved..
> Got Error... 170 Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 's"
> CLick OK
> Xed out of MBR
> Brought MBR up
> Billed Thru was still set for 3/19/99
> Balance = 0

Well, you were not mentioning that you got an error! That changes
things just a little. Most likely the SQL error is the statement
trying to adjust the account (including the Billed Thru date).

Thats actually what the problem was (it only affects accounts
with an expiration date).


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