Re: [Emerald] Emerald 2.5.261 Batch invoicing ignores Renewal vs.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 14:48:49 -0800

Josh Hillman wrote:
> I first noticed this in Emerald 2.5.255 the other day, but it also exists in
> 2.5.261.
> On our testing machine, I have the following Billing Cycles (Monthly and
> AutoBill are set to 0 for all):
> BillingCycleID Description IBillDays EBillDays GroupID
> -------------- ----------- --------- --------- -------
> 0 Default 30 5 (null)
> 1 Trade 5 5 6
> 2 Charity 5 5 7
> All MBRs currently have BillingCycleID set to 0 (including the Trade and
> Charity accounts at the moment).

How'd you create a entry with BillingCycleID = 0? The first
one should have been one.

> When I go to print the invoices (this time by specifying the date that they
> were created (batching date)), the invoices shown are carrying over previous
> balances from previously unpaid Renewal invoices eventhough I have
> AutoBill=0 ("Renewal" in the Billing area of the Emerald Admin "Billing
> Cycles" section) set.

Thats correct behavior. The AutoBill specifies whether the customer
will be automatically billed again. Both of them retain the previous
balance on the new invoice.

> I'm trying to keep the billing essentially the same as it has been for the
> past few years (no new Renewal invoices can be created until previous ones
> are paid or voided). We do not use Calls Consolidation (never have).

Emerald will still work that one, it just actually users the balance
now. For example, a renewal customer might pay $50 on a 39.95 account.
Emerald will correctly bring the $10.05 extra onto the next renewal for
the customer.


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