Re: [Emerald] Online Calls and HyperARC TC.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 12:06:53 -0800

Rudy Komsic wrote:
> Well, I think I found the problem... now all we need to do is modify the
> calls table to add calldate as a primary key as well. Then the accounting
> records will be able to be NON-Duplicated.
> Dale? Can you offer a script that can modify the calls table to make the
> calldate field a primary key? Will it cause problems with other Emerald
> sections?

For the record: By changing the primary key, you open yourself up to
duplicate records/billing for duplicate time in Emerald. We don't
support this change from the billing side and I highly recommend you
open up a support call to 3Com about this. The RFC States:

> 5.5. Acct-Session-Id
> Description
> This attribute is a unique Accounting ID to make it easy to match
> start and stop records in a log file. The start and stop records
> for a given session MUST have the same Acct-Session-Id. It is
> strongly recommended that the Acct-Session-Id be a printable ASCII
> string.

Maybe 3Com has a different definition of unique? :(

Ok, I realize you have a NAS with a problem and thats why you are
doing this (I just don't want eveyone to do this as a quick fix to
accounting duplicates).

Go into Enterprise Manager and drill down to your calls table and double
click it. CLick the Advanced Options button. The first tab is the
key. Click the remove buttong, then add the following fields in the
following order:


and click save.

I'd prefer you actually try to use this for your key:


Fields I don't recommend in the key:



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