Re: [Emerald] (2.5.255)Mail site and using different domain then the set

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 11:09:16 -0800

Todd Hutchinson wrote:
> We have tested 2.5.255 and it still doesn't work. I was told by Rockliffe
> that it is a procedure problem with emerald and not a problem with their
> software.
> Any idea when this will work.
> Billing group domain set to
> In the Email field your put
> Mailsite creates a joeuser in the database.

There was a discussion in the past about this, and it has to do with
how Mailsite interprets things. The old proc would do what you want,
but Mailsite wasn't handling checking the domain correctly. Let me
show the new proc first:

CREATE PROCEDURE VerifyMailUser @username varchar(32), @domain
varchar(32), @esid integer AS

Select Login, Shell, Email, d.MailDomain, Password, HomeDir
From MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa, Groups g, Domains d,
AccountTypes at1
Where ma.CustomerID = sa.CustomerID
AND ma.GroupID = g.GroupID
AND g.DomainID = d.DomainID
AND at1.AccountType = sa.AccountType
AND at1.ExternalSystemID = @esid
AND d.MailDomain = @domain
AND ( ((Login=@username OR Shell=@username) AND d.MailDomain=@domain)
OR Email = @username + "@" + @domain )
AND DateAdd(Day, (ma.Extension+ma.OverDue+1), maExpireDate) >=

Because we added the "d.MailDomain = @domain" in the new proc, thats
the domain, regardless of the email field. You must remove that line to
do what you want (allowing users in one domain to have email fields in

What Mailsite is NOT doing, is handling the precedence order correctly,
way Emerald was designed. They simply look at the login field to find
user's name to put the mail in. So for example if you have this

Login: joeuser

So if you send mail to, it fails unless you have the
line above removed. If you remove the line, mailsite delivers the mail
to, and ignores the email field we return of

You might be able to make a more complicated proc that would return the
login/domain if the match is to the login and the split the email into a
login/domain and return that if the match is to the email field. I'd
prefer mailsite to not ignore the email field and use that if its not
blank, as we original talked to them about doing when developing the
Emerald ODBC connection and stored procs. Our EmerAuth.DLL *DOES*
correctly handle the multiple domains this way with NTMail and IMail.


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